~ Day 3 ~

Wed., May 16th, 2012



Coffee Flowing!!!


~ Day 4 ~

Thursday, May 17th,




May 14th - 29th 2012



Charlotte Motor









Special Thanks to . . .


~ Day 1 ~


Monday, May 14th, 2012


We arrived in the Charlotte area greeted with a Rain Storm, but with a little helpfrom our friends from Asheville, Canada and South Carolina, we were able to completethe primary set-up of Generator,Tents, Tables & Chairs, and the Barbecue Area.

Thanks and God Bless you Friends!



~ Day 2 ~


May 15, 2012 


A day of preparation store runs, then several severe storms in the area in the evening!


The "Mayor" of Hellmann's Campground started his preparation of his campsight below:




~ Day 5 ~



Friday, May 18th, 2012




Chap Joe went into the NCWTS


Garage to spend some time with


the UARA Alumni who now race



in the truck series! Joe had



fellowship with



MROA Chaplain Jim Lanning and


assisted him where needed.



During the race he observed the



race behind the pit box of crew



team members he has become



friends with thru his chaplaincy.





~ Day 6 ~


Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Western Day and Chapel



Service in the Morning, our



guest speaker Pastor Joe Nelms



brought a Circuit Preacher



presention of the Gospel!


Steady flow of people thru the



campground being it's the




All-Star Race Day!