United Auto Racing Association

~ Chaplaincy 2008 to 2013 ~


~ 2013 UARA Race Season ~

The 2013 Season brought challenges for many!  It was by far the "rainiest" Season ever! Plus tthere was a lot of bad medical reports for love one involved with the series.  Including my wife's battle with the ugly "C" which required four dreaded chemo treatments stretched out over four months. Facebook became my best friend to post current activities during the crazy season we had.  Yet the Lord was faithful to use our efforts to reach out to others as well as friend in the Racing Community who the Lord used to reach out to us! We Praise the Lord for all things, He is in control and certainly knows what is best for all of us! Let us not to forget to pray for one and another!  All of the Chapel Service Messages will be posted hopefully by the end of the day (Dec. 9th, 2013). I was blessed to be able to attend the Daytona's Battle at the Beach, the ARCA and Truck race in February. In October I was able to attend and minister at the Martinsville Speedway's Viriginia is for Racing Lovers 300 again this year! Sprinkle in a couple other truck races and a Nationwide race and the UARA Races completes the year! Our 2013 UARA Champion Dillon Bassett came up short in a questionable call on last Green-White-Checkerd re-start at Martinsville, but he certainly ran one incredible race with carbon monxide leaking into his car! Garrett Jones was our Rookie of the Year. Garrett Campbell was our 2nd Place warrior fighting right down the last race and the last laps and gave it his all!  You can find more specific information on at www.uara-stars.com 

Special "Thank You" to UARA President Kerry Bodenhamer for inserting time for a Chapel Service on each race day schedule!


Kudos to Drew Hierwarter our Professional Photographer, Friend and Ministry assistant who follows his Destiny with the Spirit of Excellence. God didn't make us to be "ordinary" but "extraordinary!" Below is information on how you can share in his "extraordinary" gifting . . .


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Sunday Worship

Service/Communion Service
Martinsville Speedway
Sunday, Oct. 21st, 2012

Raceway Ministry's Tim Byrd leading us in Opening Prayer


Special Speaker

Michael Waddell


Chap Joe reading the Scriptures for the Communion Service



There were other Raceway Ministries Volunteers helping throughout the Weekend as well as Fellow MROA Chaplain Jim Foster who participated in an Awesome Ministry Weekend!


This was the
~ 2012 UARA Schedule ~

~ 2012 UARA SEASON ~
Race #1 ~ Hickory Motor Speedway
March 17th, 2012

Chaplain Notes:


The Lord was good to us withholding the rain all day! A lot of Opening Day adjustments were made during the day, especially in our adaptation of the double file re-starts! Each driver was prayed before the Race, and the Lord Blessed us with new drivers, no injuries and a smoother than anticipated re-starts! Good driving drivers!!!


The Chapel Service went well and made me aware of some logistical changes that need to made with location of the Chapel Services.

Congratulations to
Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
Victory #2
Dillon Motor Speedway
April 7th, 2012

Rockingham Speedway
Historic Weekend
April 13th-15th, 2012

Chaplain Report on
Home Page

Chaplain's Report:


Upon arrival at Kingsport, TN it was drizzling and the weather forecast was very pessimistic. I talk to my "Boss" (aka God Almighty) publicly about it at the UARA officials meeting. The Lord favored us with an answer to our prayers! We started our morning schedule and throughout the day there were no rain delays! When time came for the Pre-Race Invocation I looked up in the sky and there was not a cloud to be found! To that I say "Glory to God!"

Chaplain's Report:


Got home around 2 am from Anderson Motor Speedway. It was a very exciting day! The Lord allowed us to race against all the gloomy weather predictions! We just had to recover from one cell that delayed us a little, but when it came time to do the invocation there was not a cloud in the sky! Thank You Lord! The race was very exciting, the car count was great, 27 cars. The Chapel Service was well attended and I was overwhelmed with everyone's positive affirmation of what the Lord has called me to do as the UARA Chaplain! Thank you everyone!

Newport Motor Speedway
Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Hickory Motor Speedway
4th Annual Banjo Matthew' Memorial Race
Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Newport Speedway
Sat., July 14th, 2012

FACE BOOK POST: Sunday, July 15th, 2012:


Good late morning greetings FB friends! A very intense and fast pace day yesterday at Newport with one of the closest UARA finishes ever! Best way to describe it is an Awesome finish and an Awesome God that worked in many different ways during the day! The Chapel Service was well attended, the Subject of "Out of Wreck We Rise" was well received! The Lord gave me an additional scripture to read before the message, the handout sheet may be viewed on our website. This scripture and one additional scripture will be the essence of our Destiny Road post for today and for each day "We will Stand and Trust in the Lord!" Psalm 20:7&8, Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. They have bowed down and fallen; but we have risen and stand upright." and Psalm 73:8, "But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, That I may declare all Your works." Indeed, the Lord answered many prayers with high predictions of rain, there was only a half hour delay during the day! When the Lord works like this it always brings me to the Scripture, Isaiah the prophet penned down in Isaiah 53:1, "Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" ~ We believed the "Report of the Lord." The day brought many other relationship building conversations and some Spiritual encouragement given on a one-on-one basis as well. Some friends from Asheville were present that I haven't seen in awhile during the Driver's Autograph Session, one even had Photographer Keith Anderson take a picture of us, she is a friend of the Pressleys and is a board member of a local Prison Chaplaincy. We have known Kay since our involvement with prison ministries since the 90s! An awesome day and early morning adventure, to God be the Glory! ~Blessings!

Caraway Speedway
Sat., July 28th, 2012

UARA Kingsport Speedway Finish

1. 44 Dillon Bassett
2. 27 Lee Tissot
3. 99 Jake Morris
4. 9 Ben Rhodes
5. 14 Sean Rayhall
6. 33 Brandon Jones
7. 97 Zeke Shell
8. 22 Ryan Stiltner
9. 28 Travis Swaim
10. 37C.J. Husley
11. 82 Will Burns
12. 15 Kris VanDyke
13. 17 Julia Dawson
14. 8 David Garbo, Jr.
15. 87 Hayden Woods
16. 35 Devin Jones
17. 58 Scott Turlington
18. 16 Hal Martin
19. 12 Garrett Campbell
20. 18 Sammy Jasper
21. 5 Jeremy Burns
22. 20 Cory Joyce
23. 10 Daniel Pope 

Lonesome Pine Raceway

Sat., September 22nd, 2012

Chaplain's Report:


In my quest to be a good Stewart of the time that God gives me, you will find me pasting in a Face Book post pertaining to the UARA races, or if you would like to follow me on Face Book you can locate me on FB at: www.facebook.com/joe.louis.9


For more details and other UARA News go to:


UARA 2012 Championship Weekend
Rockingham Speedway
November 2-3, 2012
NASCAR K&N East Series, UARA-Stars and Frank
Kimmel Street Stocks


UARA Drivers
Finishing Position

1) Brennan Poole

2) George Miedecke

3) Kyle Grissom

4) David Roberts

5) Alex Yontz

6) Scott Turlington

7) Ronnie Bassett Jr.

8) Joey Herques

9) Kaleb Pressley

10) Andy Mercer


For more in-depth details go to www.UARA-Stars.com

Congrats to UARA's

Garrett Campbell winner of the

Myrtle Beach 250

Unofficial Results

Car # - Name - Laps Completed

1 #12 Garrett Campbell -- 250

2 #98 BJ Mackey -- 250

3 #2 Justin Milliken-- 250

4 #10 Andy Mercer -- 250

5 #36 Harrison Rhodes -- 250

6 #82 Paddy Rodenbeck -- 250

7 #81 Shane Huffman -- 250

8 #29 Casey Wyatt -- 250

9 #32 Randy Porter -- 250

10 #80 Toby Porter -- 250

11 #42 Austin McDaniel-- 250

12 #50 Jamey Caudill -- 250

13 #31 Kyle Grissom -- 250

14 #25 Michael Faulk -- 250

15 #88 Matt Bowling -- 250

16 #3 Adam Long -- 250

17 #6 Davin Scites -- 250

17 #18 David Roberts -- 250

19 #84 Peyton Sellers -- 250

20 #7 Michael Hardin -- 250

21 #9 John Townley -- 250

22 #33 David Polenz -- 250

23 #27 Tommy Lemons Jr. -- 250

24 #8 Jamie Yelton -- 250

25 #0 Lucas Ransone -- 250

26 #77 Alex Yontz -- 250

27 #6 Anthony Anders -- 250

28 #83 Jeremy McDowell -- 250

29 #23 Michael Rouse -- 249

30 #44 Dillon Bassett -- 248

31 #4 Rodney Cook -- 245

31 #5 Frank Deiny -- 243

29 #4 Ronnie Bassett Jr. -- 241

30 #51 Matt Cox -- 229

33 #2 Jonathan Cash -- 212

36 #22 Blaze Howell -- 191

37 #34 C.E. Falk -- 176

38 #14 Mike Darne -- 114

39 #48 Scott Turlington -- 99

40 #97 Jesse Little -- 46

41 #0 Danny OQuinn Jr. -- 46

42 #99 Brandon Dean -- 32

43 #94 Jamie Weatherford -- 25

44 #21 Greg Edwards -- 12


Car #98 - B.J. Mackey was disqualified for info on this go to . . .


Article below from UARA website


Congrats Brennan Poole and Rookie of Year, George Miedecke!

44th Snowball Derby

Pensacola FL.


Unofficial Results presented

by Racecar Engineering:


1 Chase Elliott 300

2 D.J. VanderLey 300

3 Ross Kenseth 300

4 Landon Cassill 300

5 Heath Hindman 300

6 Cale Gale 300

7 Boris Jurkovic 300

8 Grant Enfinger 300

9 David Rogers 300

10 Casey Smith 300

11 Hunter Robbins 300

12 Bubba Pollard 300

13 Benjamin Kennedy 300

14 Stephen Nasse 300

15 Dillon Oliver 299

16 Donnie Wilson 298

17 Stephan McCurley 298

18 David Ragan 298

19 Derrick Griffin 298

20 Jeremy Pate 298

21 Jeff Fultz 298

22 David Odell 297

23 Josh Hamner 295

24 Johnny VanDoorn 295

25 Derek Thorn 294

26 Ken McFarland 291

27 Jerry Artuso 280

28 Dennis Prunty 220

29 Chris Davidson 182

30 Andy Loden 182

31 Kenzie Ruston 145

32 Augie Grill 142

33 Jeff Choquette 141

34 Mike Garvey 134

35 Steve Wallace 131

36 Erik Darnell 99

37 Johanna Long 97

for more info go to . . .



For more

Late Model News

go to


For more UARA Info . . .

Check www.UARA-STARS.com for further info

Lonesome Pine Raceway

July 2nd, 2011


Winner: Brennan Poole

Pole: George Miedecke

Hickory Motor Speedway

Sat., June 25th, 2011


Winner: Kyle Grissom

Pole: Andy Mercer

Anderson Motor Speedway

Fri., June 3rd, 2011


Winner: Jeremy Burns

Pole Winner: Ronnie Bassett, Jr.

Rockingham Speedway

Fri., & Sat., May 13-14, 2011

Pole Winners: UARA Chris Lawson / USAR

UARA Race Winner: Brennan Poole


Congratulations to UARA Point Leader
Brennan Poole on winning his debut ARCA race
at Salem, Indiana
Mat 1st, 2011

Brennan also had a top five finish in a fog shorten ARCA Race at Pocono!

June 11th, 2011


Newport Speedway

Sun., April 17, 2011 (Rain Day)


Race Winner: Garett Campbell

Pole Winner: Scott Turlington

Kingsport Speedway

Sat., April 9th, 2011


Race Winner: Brennan Poole

Pole Winner: George Miedecke

Concord Speedway

Practice, Fri., March 25, 2011

Race Cancelled, Sat., March 26th, 2011

Hickory Motor Speedway

Practice, Fri., March 11th, 2011

Race, Sat., 12th, 2011


Winner: Brennan Poole

Pole: Kyle Grissom

Archives 2010 and Before


Martinsville Speedway

In October of 2010 I had the Opportunity to go to the Martinsville Speedway for the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 Late Model Stock Car Race. It's almost like a Late-Model All Star Race, with drivers coming from all over the Country.


I was able to partner with other Motor Racing Chaplains and we were able to pray with each driver as they came off the stage after their introductions!


Looking forward to being there again this year, Lord willing!

Championship Weekend


Rockingham Speedway

Fri., & Sat., October 8th & 9th, 2010

Chaplaincy News


On Sunday, September 26th, I traveled to Columbia, SC to the Memorial Service of Ed Hutchins, Dad of Crew Chief Nick Hutchins.


We have had many exciting things happen this year! Asheville's Channel 13 News Reporter John Le and his cameraman Eric have taken footage of what Chaplain Joe does as a Motor Racing Chaplain.Special Thanks to the UARA Drivers for assisting in some of this filming at Tri-Speedway in Hudson, NC. To view this spot, there is a link on the home page.


In latter July, Chaplain Joe was out of the country to minister to the Mike Whitehead family and perform the Celebration Service in Amherst, Ontario. Mike was a blessing to this ministy as well as a personal friend with a kindred spirit. Check out the Mike Whitehead Memorial on our website.


There have been many Prayers answered and lives touched (much of which were done behind the scenes). The Lord will reveal these things when we see Him face to face! Many struggles as well, we have learned to lean on the Lord's Word, which tells us these battles are the Lord's and we just need to suit up with our Spiritual Armor mentioned in Ephesians chapter six and let the Lord do the Fighting!!!


Official Mike Cox's Father-in-law Colon Cagle went on to Heaven this month (Nov. 2010) with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! This past summer before his journey to his Eternal Home, God heard prayers of many and the Family and Friends were able to have a sweet time with before his transition!

1st Race ~ 3-14-10





Chaplain's Notes:

NEWTON, NC (March 14, 2010) – Hickory native Shane Huffman came home victorious in the rain-delayed UARA-STARS 150 at the Hickory Motor Speedway on Sunday afternoon after a spirited, side-by-side battle with Coleman Pressley during the closing laps of the event. It was Huffman's second career UARA win and the first of any kind for the former NASCAR Nationwide Series driver in over three years. Kyle Grissom started on the pole for the season opening UARA-STARS event and jumped out to a five-car length lead over Huffman on the initial green flag. Grissom, a former series race winner, was in his first race with a new crew chief, Nick Hutchins, who won the 2008 series championship with Jake Crum and worked with Brandon McReynolds in 2009.



~ Race #2 ~


Chaplain's Notes about Kingsport:

During the first race, I had time to visit and have prayer or a word of encouragement with the drivers. I was encouraged when I leaned over to pray with last years rookie, Brennan Poole, and see that he had a scripture card leaning on his steering wheel and was meditating on it, as well as the others he had taped to his console area. After having prayer with him, he began the race in the back of the pack, yet finished in third place. Also, I had prayer with the only woman in the race - Julia Dawson. I felt it was important for her to know that the Lord wanted her to be encouraged to keep going on and not give up. Unfortunately, she was in the "big one" of the night. She remained in the car as the fire personnel put out a fire on her right front rotor, yet she continued to finish the race. I encouraged and prayed for Bruce Blessings, the driver of the car that blew an engine during the first practice and who worked furiously to change the engine to make qualifying. They finished the race amongst all their adversities!

I'm so Blessed to be the Chaplain to these men and women!


~ Race #3 ~





~ Race #4 ~


Tri-County Motor Speedway

April 16th, 2010

Chaplains' Notes:


It also was an interesting day for the Chaplain as well! The Lord lead me to lay hands on the #10 car of Matt Kurzejewski. Matt has some trying times with engine failures, being from Pennsylvania and being familiar with MRO in his racing career we have a somewhat of a kindred spirit, even though he calls me Father Joe. So I marched down the tech line and asked the crew to take the hood off, and I laid hands on the engine, knowing that the manifold was cold. First time out it had so much power Matt spun it out, the Lord answered and Matt had a good eighth place finish. One of the other teams that I prayed for has an awesome season so far, that of the #48 of Scott Turlington finishing with his first top five finish. I try my best to pray during the day with each driver or team members as time and circumstances allows. I also have been called on to pray with those who are dealing with an unexpected passing of a loved one. As well as being a calming effect if an accident scene turns the way it shouldn't. Early in the morning I was praying in the truck, for other UARA officials and other team members who stopped by the broken UARA Truck to try to diagnose the mechanical problems of the truck broken down on the shoulder of I-40.


Race #5 ~ Ace Speedway


Excerpt from Story by: Corey Latham ~ corey@RACE22.com 


Altamahaw, NC (May 4, 2010) -- Some drivers go into a new season of racing with high hopes, and already being a marked man for success. That was definitely the case for Kyle Grissom, as he was already a threat, but with a new attitude and the addition of acclaimed crew-chief Nick Hutchins, he was already being called the man to beat for the 2010 UARA championship. Results:

1 - Kyle Grissom #32
2 - Coleman Pressley #59
3 - Alex Yontz #98
4 - Robert Johnson #11
5 - Rodney Cook #14
6 - Lee Tissot #44
7 - Scott Turlington #48
8 - Jason York #78
9 - Clint King #07
10 - Garrett Campbell #12
11 - Michael McGuire #22
12 - Brennan Poole #5
13 - Matt Kurzejewski #10
14 - Speedy Faucette #37
15 - Ronnie Bassett #04
16 - Michael Rouse #23
17 - John King II #21
18 - Julia Dawson #1
19 - Tyler English #18
20 - Grant McGinnis #41


Chaplain's Note:

This was one of the best attended chapel service of the year, check the "Chapel Service Page" for message sheet.



Race #6 ~ Rockingham


Story by: Corey Latham ~ corey@RACE22.com


Rockingham, NC (May 18, 2010) -- A Late Model race on a Superspeedway. What? Yes it was that time of year again, as the UARA took to the high banks of the famous Rockingham Speedway. Twenty-one cars would take the green, but the race for the win would be decided between two cars, two Dodges to be exact and Brandon McReynolds had the baddest Dodge in town on this Saturday.


Official Results:
1 - Brandon McReynolds #28
2 - Paddy Rodenbeck #81
3 - Lee Tissot #27
4 - Alex Yontz #98
5 - Coleman Pressley #59
6 - Darrell Wallace, Jr. #76
7 - Jamey Caudill #50
8 - Kyle Grissom #32
9 - Randy Benson #02
10 - Brennan Poole #5
11 - Ronnie Bassett, Jr. #04
12 - Clay Greenfield #84
13 - Scott Turlington #48
14 - Dange Hanniford #22
15 - Michael Rouse #22
16 - Leigh Caruthers #11
17 - Robert Johnson #11
18 - Clint King #07
19 - Nate Monteith #14
20 - Julia Dawson #1
21 - Garrett Campbell #12


Chaplain's Notes:


A Chapel Service was held by the USAR Chaplain Jim Evans at their Trailer, I distributed the Chapel Service Message sheet at our Driver's Meeting, content can be found on "Chapel Service Page."


Race #7 ~ Newport Speedway


Because of the hectic season I've been unable to keep up with everything that is going on!

I encourage you to get current UARA news on their website listed on this page. Also to keep in touch with Late Model news follow Race22.com!


Highlights from the 2009 Season


Point Standings and Winners of all races in 2009 can be found on www.UARA-Stars.com.


One of the Highlights of 2009 was at Martinsville Bailey's 300 Late Model Race, this is like an All-Star Race for late model drivers accross the country!


UARA sweeps the top 3 spots at Martinsville with Crum, McReynolds and Poole


from the 2009 Bailey's 300

1 #1 Jake Crum
2 #28 Brandon McReynolds
3 #6 Brennan Poole
4 #08 Deac McCaskill
5 #68 Richard Boswell
6 #30 Cliff Daniels
7 #55 Woody Howard
8 #3 Chad Harris
9 #44 Matt DiBenedetto
10 #88 Nick Smith
11 #24 Travis Swaim
12 #40 CE Falk
13 #15 Brandon Dean
14 #52 Clay Rogers
15 #18 Dane Rudolph
16 #50 Jamey Caudill
17 #74 Kelly Kingery
18 #09 Andy Loden
19 #51 Wayne Ramsey
20 #48 Jason York
21 #80 Dustin Rumley
22 #98 Alex Yontz
23 #29 Brandon Butler
24 #49 Michael Kidd
25 #06 Davin Scites
26 #2 Dennis Setzer
27 #5 Jerame Donley
28 #72 Garrett Campbell
29 #59 Jimmy Mullins
30 #21 Butch Hamlet
31 #57 Eddie Johnson
32 #14 Rodney Cook
33 #22 Tony McGuire
34 #16 RD Smith
35 #8 Jamie Yelton
36 #27 Tommy Lemons Jr.
37 #26 Philip Morris
38 #4 Frank Deiny Jr.
39 #12 Ryan Wilson
40 #81 Paddy Rodenbeck
41 #94 Justin Johnson
42 #23 Matt McCall